Sandalwood incense has been used ever since the ancient times for religious purposes but also to sooth the senses before a ceremony took place. In today’s times, sandalwood incense sticks are used in both meditation and aromatherapy. If you feel your home needs a refreshing scent, burn a sandalwood stick and feel the intense but sweet aroma. Sandalwood incense can also be used as an refresher for cars.

Sandalwood incense can offer relief to someone who frequently suffers from nightmare or insomnia, due to its calming properties. Yoga practitioners use this incense in order to fully connect to a higher plane and have a deeper experience. Sandalwood incense sticks can help battle depression or other ailments of the mind, and it can they be used as an energy booster both in the morning before you go to work or in the evening. Thanks to its many different properties, people from all over the world buy it everyday.

Sandalwood incense can be bought in either larger or smaller packages, depending on what you need at the time. If you plan on giving it as a gift to a friend, you could choose one of the many luxurious brands on the market. This incense usually sells for pretty cheap, so you will not have to pay more then $25 to $30 on a pack of 48 sticks.

The best sandalwood incense known is the Indian one. This type of sandalwood incense can be easily purchased online, if you can’t find a suitable store in your neighborhood.

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